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always_zephyr's Journal

Michael Novotny
25 February 1971
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"By the way, that’s me. 6’1”, 46 inch chest, 16 inch biceps, 28 inch waist, a veritable god.

I wish…

Okay, that’s me. Michael Novotny, the semi-cute boy next door type,
[30], 5’10”, 140, 9 ½ cut... alright so I exaggerate but like whose told the truth since they invented cyber sex?"
--Michael Novotny, Episode 1, Season 1

Personal Inventory-
On Person:
Red t-shirt with the Flash’s lightening symbol
Black wool jacket
Jeans with brown leather belt
Nike sneakers w/ white socks
Black briefs

Blue messenger bag Containing:
Two Snickers bars
Breakfast from Liberty Diner (Bagel w/ peanut butter and jelly, lemon bars and cut up apple slices in a Styrofoam container)
Unopened Bottle of Dr. Pepper
Cell phone (50% power) and charger
Two checkbooks: One for personal use in leather case and one for the store in the case it came in, still pretty new
Inventory Spreadsheets in a Spiderman folder
Publisher Order forms in an X-men Folder
Two Captian Astro comics: Issues 5 and 23, in a protective folder
Copy of the novel R U 1 2? By Benjamin Bruckner
Unopened Havok Action Figure
Blue nylon Wallet with a silver Superman logo on front
A twenty and 3 ones, 3 quarters and 16 pennies
Business cards from Brian (cell phone number scratched on back), Ted (Ted and Emmett’s cell numbers on back), Ben, an old one from David and various others from random guys at Babylon
Gym membership
Babylon membership
Two condoms

In Side Pocket:
Captain Astro keyring with Key to store
Batman keyring with Key to apartment
Green Lantern keyring Key to the Diner
Superman keyring with Key to Brian’s flat
Wonder Woman keyring Key to Mother’s house
Flash keyring with Key to bike lock

Cardboard box containing some of these comics, accidentally delivered to his apartment instead of the store: http://www.cbgxtra.com/Default.aspx?tabid=1196

Michael comes in the morning after Ben tells him he is HIV positive in episode 6 of Season 2 of the US version of Queer as Folk in May of 2002.

This is an RPG journal for the_blank_slate. I own nothing to do with the Showtime show Queer As Folk, Michael Novotny or Hal Sparks.